3 Photos Series

I am always interested in taking photos and this is the first set of series that I had made as a photographer.Using canon 7d mark ii, I investigate artifitial landscape, protaits and PSA. In this series, I hope to give connotative message through the images as well as being aethestically pleasing. Some of the photos are edited throguh photoshop to bring out the message. Hope you find it interesting!

Color Your Personality

In this series of portraits, I am investigating the ways people express themselves through appearance, especially hair color. I think that dying one’s hair to special color is a bold statement and give strong impression. Because of this, I am curious about those strangers. I asked several people on the campus in person or through Instagram whether they wanted to take photo shoot and interview. Surprisingly, they all have special reasons for dying their hair. The red hair girl wants to be an actress in the future. She thinks that red hair would draw more attention and define her style. The blue hair girl dyed her hair to show her passion about caring the environment. Lastly, the blonde girl wants to change something about herself as a transition to university life. Overall, I think that university is the time that people have most freedom before we get into a workplace. I really like the way that people are trying different things and sometimes show it on their appearance. I want the audience to see the variations and different personalities through images. Also, people normally look a bit longer at people with colorful hair even they are strangers, so this series would be an access for looking at them in a still form. This series is inspired by photographers like Richard Avedon, Yousuf Karsh, and Martin Schoeller in terms of having the access to bring audience to see something that is rare.