3 Photos Series

I am always interested in taking photos and this is the first set of series that I had made as a photographer.Using canon 7d mark ii, I investigate artifitial landscape, protaits and PSA. In this series, I hope to give connotative message through the images as well as being aethestically pleasing. Some of the photos are edited throguh photoshop to bring out the message. Hope you find it interesting!

Isolated Playground

In this series, I am investigating the landscape of Rec Room, specifically looking at the loneliness that those neon light can create when we block all our other five sensory like the sound of the game and human interaction. I hope people would think of this landscape as it is wholly manmade. It would always makes people feel like it is artificial and cold even when the color is vivid and bright. This serious of photo is also inspired by Andreas Gursky especially the 99 cents series. The only thing that both places can do is to spend small money on temporary products or experience. However, I focus more on how the lack of human interaction would make these bright machineries would make rec room look cold and unfamiliar.