3 Photos Series

I am always interested in taking photos and this is the first set of series that I had made as a photographer.Using canon 7d mark ii, I investigate artifitial landscape, protaits and PSA. In this series, I hope to give connotative message through the images as well as being aethestically pleasing. Some of the photos are edited throguh photoshop to bring out the message. Hope you find it interesting!

Media is Filtered

In this series, I want to investigate how things are presented on and off media. It is normal that people would want to put a filter or make the picture about themselves prettier. However, sometimes others may see those photos as what is exactly happened in real life. The bold text of “In media, we see the world through a filter” at the right side of the picture is to make the message clearer that what we see in media are not the raw unedited content but rather the filtered one. There are also little texts that is around each individual image to tell the behind the scene story. For example, it was a cloudy grey day when I took the photo at port credit. However, since I wanted to post on Instagram about that day, I add filter to make the color of the scenery more vivid. So does the café photo. It became a normal thing to take pictures of our meal first and finally eat together with friends. In my opinion, I want to give the message of although nowadays it seems natural to share everything online, but it is also important to be true and value the time in real life, too. As the last photo that shows a girl at the gym working out, it is more about presenting the promotion code of the brand than actually doing exercise. All of these have flaws in real life but did not present on the post.