3 Photos Series

I am always interested in taking photos and this is the first set of series that I had made as a photographer.Using canon 7d mark ii, I investigate artifitial landscapes, protaits and PSA. In this series, I hope to give connotative message through the images as well as being aethestically pleasing. Some of the photos are edited throguh photoshop to bring out the message. Hope you find it interesting!

Circular Woods

In this series, I am investigating the landscape of Art Gallery of Ontario architecture. I think when people go to the museum, they go for the art piece and thought that the building is mostly constructed with white walls. I think that although it is a place where artists presenting their own work, the gallery itself is a piece of artwork that requires a lot of time to finally complete. Moreover, every photo in this series has the material of wood. I personally like how the architecture Frank Gehry make wood into all those creative combinations and reshape how wood material would usually look like. Most of the ordinary architecture has sharp triangle shape, look organized and use wood as the floor. However, in this museum they reshape how normally wood material would look like and let the gallery itself looks very interesting. Specifically, we often thought a log of wood in a long triangle shape or being stiff. In these series, there are wood material that spiraling down to the floor, curving wood in a large scale and combination of triangle and square shape of woods in different color as staircase. I hope to give the viewer the message of how creativity can make something that usually looks normal inspiring. Also, people can appreciate art more and look at their surroundings once in a while for new perspective.